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Region Asia India Alappuzha
Marari Beach Resort Alappuzha India
Hotel Type: 3 Star

Marari Beach Resort Alappuzha India

The Marari Beach Mararikulam North P.O., Alleppey Kerala, India - 668 549


Marari Beach Resort Alappuzha India - Accommodation

A typical cottage at Marari looks almost identical to a local fisherman's hut. There is the same palm thatch, swooping low over a raised verandah, complete with a little tap by the steps to wash your feet with.

But appearances are deceptive, as you'll discover when you enter. Air conditioning is made possible by a roof invisible from the outside. Simplicity and harmony mark the interiors, which nevertheless contain all the comforts of a modern resort. There are modern twin - or - double beds, elegant, locally-inspired furniture and even a tea and coffee making facility, for all those odd times.

The bathrooms are open-roofed courtyards, similar to those in the homes of old Kerala. There's ultra - modern plumbing of course, and hot-and-cold running water too.

For the true sybarite, our spacious Pool Villas are a good option to the cottages. These feature cozy living rooms and -luxury itself- your own private pool.

Marari Beach Resort Alappuzha India - Characteristics and Facilities

Ayurveda: Holistic Health.
A popular feature of the Marari experience is the Ayurveda centre. While it is fully equipped for complete treatments of illnesses (these take a week, at the very least), you may need little more than a relaxing oil or herbal massage, perfect for draining away the last residues of urban stress.
Our open-air yoga classes will have the same effect. These are held at sunrise and sunset, with a qualified master in attendance. 

The Marari Breach, let us be clear, is not the place for a raucous beach holiday. There are no rave parties here, no noisy water scooters, no sellers of trinkets.
But for those seeking to undo the stresses of city life and experience a completely new pace, it is the perfect spot.

You could spend an entire morning lolling by the poolside with a book from the library. Or take a dip in the sea, the beach usually being nearly empty, except for a few other guests and the odd local fisherman. Or explore the area and its fishing villages on a bicycle.

The trick at Marari is to open up, relax and rejuvenate. To while away the hours watching the fascinating play of light on open water, to feed a wandering guinea fowl, to stretch a lazy hand out to your cocktail glass and wait for one of our sumptuous lunches to be served

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