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Region Asia India Kumarakom
Spice Village Cruises Kumarakom India
Hotel Type: Other

Spice Village Cruises Kumarakom India

Kumarakom, Kerala - India



  • 55 kms from Cochin.
  • 95 Kms from Cochin international airport .


  • Spice Village Cruises Kumarakom India - Accommodation

    One couple has the exclusive run of the entire boat, and is attended to by a personal cook and two boatmen. The stateroom is aft and has a queen-size bed with ensuite bathroom (minus shower). A comfortably-furnished canopy -covered sitting room sits with a sun deck at the bow. The cook's galley is at the stern, and power is supplied by solar panels discreetly placed atop the canopy: In furnishing our houseboats, great care has been taken to use only natural materials and local products.

    The decks have been carpeted with coir matting and the arched canopy consists of split bamboo, lashed together with coir binding and covered with palm fronds. Soft colours and simplicity create a light, airy atmosphere. The furniture, made from Rosewood, Mahogany and cane, includes a South Indian "easy chair, " with its characteristically long armrest that when extended also serves as a leg rest; a drinks cabinet; a 19th century dining table; and a balustrade sun deck, complete with a colourful array of cushions and mats.

    Spice Village Cruises Kumarakom India - Characteristics and Facilities
    • Living room, bed room with attached bathroom.
    • Solar power.
    • Crew - Navigator / cook.
    • Regulardoctors on call. 

    CUISINE : Style A typical meal, prepared in a modernized galley, might consists of kootu, a coconut gravy-based dish using lentils and snake- gourd, topped with back mustard seeds and toasted coconut shreds; drumstick and dal curry; thoren, another Keralan vegetarian specialty; and a variety of grilled seafood, including fish and (when available) huge local prawns succulently prepared with lime, pepper and other spices. Memorable meals in a magnificent setting..

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