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Region Asia India Nainital
Cerbett Hideway Nainital India
Hotel Type: 2 Star

Cerbett Hideway Nainital India

Nainital - India


Claridges Corbett Hideaway is located close to the Jim Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park, one of the greatest National Parks of Asia. Five hundred and twenty acres of forests, hills and grasslands, fed by a frisky river. A bio-diversity that is rich, rare and precious. The perfect habitat for the tiger, elephant, hog deer, birds and other wildlife species fast vanishing from the earth. Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary presents India's best Wildlife Tours to you.

» 300 kms from Delhi via Moradabad in Nainital district of Uttaranchal.
» 9 kms from Corbett Park.
» 15 kms from Ramnagar Railway Station.
» 70 kms from Nainital Himalayan Hill Resort

Cerbett Hideway Nainital India - Accommodation

The burnt red of the cottages forms a restful backdrop to verdant environs. Sloping tiled roofs, cool stone floors with throw rugs, block wood furniture and other details allow maximum comfort while continuing the illusion of being in the wilds. The accent is clearly on nature. The 40 guest rooms have a clever area separation, for sleeping and for living, as in a suite. You get a sense of miles of extra space. Double roomed suites are available for groups and families.

Cerbett Hideway Nainital India - Characteristics and Facilities

 All the rooms are air conditioned with hot water in baths, and a refrigerator fulll of cooling drinks. The hotel equipment supports overhead projection, LCD video projection, slide projection. You can depend on high quality PA systems and music systems for the right sound at presentations. Professional intimacy and bonding is inevitable in the happy environment of the Corbett Hideaway.

Outdoor management conferences help in team building activities through organised sports like trekking, safaris, and white water rafting. All outdoor activites are arranged in totality by the Corbett Hideaway.
Conference & Banquet facilities:
A spacious conference room opening into the bar and a high-ceilinged dining hall allows for corporate meetings, an international conference or even a celebration in sylvan surroundings.

Recreation & Health : A haven for bird-watchers, the Corbett Hideaway also offers exciting adventure stints deep into jungles for those who would like to relive the adventures of bygone hunters. Safaris take you to the heart of the forest for you to experience the chance encounter that you’ll remember all your life.

A cycle-ride through long quiet, jungle roads, canopied with trees or just a walk in the wilds - it’s the romance and extravagance of a pampered holiday together with a feel of the subtle nuances and songs of nature - a treat exclusively yours.

RESTAURANT & BAR : The resort serves excellent continental food and Indian cuisine. And a great variety of it all!

The specialities of the Kumaoni region are a favorite feature on the menu. The emphasis is on freshness of produce.

Remember to ask for minestrone soup, which is a wee bit spicy but lipsmacking. And the chicken kakori kababs that give your palate exciting information on gourmet cooking!

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