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Region Asia Maldives Male Atoll
Boduhithi Coral Island North Male Atoll Maldives
Hotel Type: 4 Star

Boduhithi Coral Island North Male Atoll Maldives

Boduhithi Coral Island Resort, North Male Atoll, Maldives


Boduhithi is the largest of Club Vacanza's 5 resort's in the country and the only one that is still very much in the "club" style. All the guests are Italian, there are lots of organized activities and there are 20 Italian staff members whose job is to get everyone involved.

The island has good natural growth but only two significant beaches. This, however, is all that seems to be required. One beach is around the main jetty, in front of the bar/lounge. This is the "noisy" beach where everybody congregates for canoeing, windsurfing, water aerobics, dancing on the beach (to music from the bar) and general lively interaction.

The "quiet" beach is on the northern tip of the island and is a large, wide open stretch of white sand. It is also popular but there are no boats, boards or music. This is the spot of getting down to serious sun-tanning. Most of the rest of the island is walled in. The low, cement-topped, coral wall is not too unattractive and it is broken up by occasional steps down to the shallow water and soft sand.

Boduhithi Coral Island North Male Atoll Maldives - Special Discounted Rates

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Boduhithi Coral Island North Male Atoll Maldives - Accommodation


The rooms are essentially the same as the other Club Vacanza rooms. They are very well specified, with two wash basins, hairdryer, bidet, large mirrors, telephones. Boduhithi Coral Island North Male Atoll The furniture is of dark wood and dark vanished cane and the fittings are of good quality. But the build quality was not perfect (gaps in the bathroom tiles, an ill-fitted plastic shower rail).

Boduhithi Coral Island North Male Atoll Maldives - Characteristics and Facilities


  • As always, the food is excellent. The meals are buffet and the selection is comprehensive. There is always a choice of pasta dishes, plus plenty of salads and fruits. The tables sit eight, so guests mix and meet in an easy way.
  • After lunch and dinner there are entertainments in the lounge, usually some participatory dance, quiz or request game. In the evening there is also a cabaret, fashion show or disco.
  • The general atmosphere is not at all snobby or exclusive, but friendly and easy going. The resort is run smoothly in a relaxed manner. As long as you know what you are letting yourself in for when you book a holiday here, you will thoroughly enjoy it.
  • The lagoon has good variety: sometimes near and sometimes far (mostly near), with deep areas and shallow. The snorkeling, however, is only OK as the reef edge is still on the way back from a crown of thorns starfish infestation a few years ago. There are good diving sites to be found in the neighborhood, but diving is by no means a priority on this resort.

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