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Region Asia Pakistan Karachi
Dream World Hotel and Resort Karachi Pakistan
Hotel Type: 5 Star

Dream World Hotel and Resort Karachi Pakistan

Dream World Hotel & Resort, A/4, F-24, Near Submarine Chowk, Block 9, Clifton Karach, Pakistan.


Dream World Hotel & Resort Karachi Pakistan Location:

Dreamworld Limited, a 100% equity – based, Riba free company, listed in KSE-100 Index. Dream World Hotel & Resort Karachi has made possible for the Karachities to day dream with a project spread over 150 acres of area adjust to Maymar complex on super highway 25 Km from the heart of the city. Seeing is believing.The Dream World Hotel & Resort Karachi has been planned and designed by International experts in such a manner that the view of the entire resort can be enjoyed from every room. 

Dream World Hotel and Resort Karachi Pakistan - Special Discounted Rates

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Terms & Conditions:

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  • Rates are not applicable during special events, Holidays, and Conference.
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Dream World Hotel and Resort Karachi Pakistan - Accommodation

Dream World Hotel & Resort Karachi Pakistan Rooms Information:


  • Chalets at Dreamworld are especially designed for providing guests with ultimate
  • level of luxurious and comfortable living experience
  • at the resort. The modernity and the level of luxury
  • are completely aligned with international standards.

Dream World Hotel & Resort Challet


Dream World Hotel & Resort Challet

Dream World Hotel and Resort Karachi Pakistan - Characteristics and Facilities

Dream World Hotel & Resort Karachi Pakistan Facilities & Services:


Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Restaurant:

Cafe Aroma:

Aroma is probably called as the Delight Wonder for people with fast food and Middle Eastern oriented taste buds. Aroma is the perfect place for High Tea with a broad variety and combination of different fast food elements. The Ambience of Aroma is again a wonderland for souls seeking relaxation.

Glaxy Restaurant:


This splendid blend of Italian, French, Mexican and Pakistani premium cuisines will make your taste buds swell so Much, it will leave you wanting more, forever! Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi fast food will take you down so slow, that it will take till eternity to get it out of your mind! And that is Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi promise to you!

What more can one asks for !

Once you try Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Chinese cuisine… which is so Chinese that Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi break for China Town!  Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Chinese chef’s expertly chose,cleanly picked and optimally mastered delicacies will make you want to come again and again; repeatedly to Dreamworld Resort’s restaurants you will find it so delicious that it will leave you licking your fingers! Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi also serve local and continental delights You come, you taste, and you get hooked…

Saffron Restaurant:

Saffron is a buffet wonder for food lovers where one can find a perfect blend of food variety from different cultures around the globe. Saffron can host a crowd of 3000 people at a time for a buffet with a variety of 60 food items. Saffron has been hosting many theme nights which include, but are not limited to following theme nights:

  • Italian Cuisine 
  • Dalda Fishing Night
  • Dreamworld Dhaba Night  
  • Dalda Iftar
  • Dreamworld Cooking Competition
  • Sea food night
  • Dalda Gala night 
  • Arabian night
  • Around the world

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Amusement:

  • Aero Flying
  • Roller Ball
  • Fun Plaza
  • Movie Show
  • Rodeo Bull

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Water Park:

Baracuda Lakes:

Are you planning upon taking your whole family to a boating trip this summer? Well do not worry because you will not have to go too far. Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi barracudas are there to entertain your entire family.

Boating Lake:

Without a doubt the best and one of the biggest boating lakes in Pakistan where all the facilities which can be enjoyed at a lake you can get here in safe and pleasant environment.

Crazy River Slide:

People of all ages can enjoy the slides, well not all really, you should be at least two years old, but just physically; mentally… the younger you are the more you enjoy! Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi offer water slides for both, children and the grown-ups. For the adults… well try Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Crazy River. In this one, unlike the rest, you can slither alone or with a partner in a tube vessel. Rising and falling, swinging left to right, curling, twirling, making you shrill-scream, it will drop you into a pool of joy and pleasure.

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi four lane Multi Slides will take you on a joyride that you just cannot afford to miss! Done with that…  Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi offer to you Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi double lane giant Slides. Not that they are lesser fun, but just safer… well at least apparently! These slides will twist you, turn you, and swing you, so much so bad that I will leave you all curled up!

Floating Sofa:

A concept of idleness converted into something above fun by us. Now sofas will not just a thing to lye on but now you can float through it on Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi boating lake. Extremely entertaining and fun filled activity for kids.

Giant Slide:

One of the most thrilling activity at Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi resort’s water sports arena. The height and speed of Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi giant slides make it one of the most thrilling experience of life.

Huge Swimming Pool:

One of the biggest swimming pools in Pakistan with supreme level of hygiene and swimming facilities. Sate of the art water purification system at Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi swimming pools makes it a wonderful experience.

Ladies Pool:

Purpose built separate swimming pool for ladies only, offering best swimming and water games. Steam Bath, Sauna & Jacuzzi facilities are also co-located under the watchful eyes of ladies instructors and helpers.

Scuba Diving:

Now you don’t have to go in rough seas for being a sailor. Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi scuba diving section is well maintained along with availability of modern equipment for making you a scuba diver.

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi Sports Activities:

Cricket Ground:

Winning and loosing are part of any game but Cricket is a game of chance & style. You could also become stylish as lush green floodlit cricket stadium provides an ideal venue for friendly cricket matches during day or night. 

Tennis Court:


Love Pete Sampras, a fan of Agassi, Boris Becker is the man, Stefi Graf was amazing or  William sisters are the best….
Well, why them? When you can be as good. Come and play as much of tennis as you want to at Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi tennis courts. Would like to, but do not how to? Well do not worry, as Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi expert marker is right there to help you out. And next time, sign an autograph, instead of trying to get one! Advantage In!

No just during the day, but you can have a match at nighttime too, under the floodlights. Game, set, and match Dreamworld.


One of the biggest and modern badminton court of Pakistan. Here badminton lovers have made this badminton court as one of the busiest badminton courts in Pakistan. So if you are a badminton lover you got a tough and interesting competition.

Hourse Riding:

Horses specially procured from Army Remount Depot are available to test your riding skills. Army trained instructors conduct horse riding training in an exclusive area. A thrilling and adventurous activity which really needs your control on the stallion.

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi  Golf Club:

Golf is not just a game these days, but in corporate world it has become an important component of business. Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi golf course offers a venue where people can have undivided attention to concentrate on game & other issues.

Golf you want golf you get… and in some aspects; one of its kind!
The heart of mater. A 72 Par 18 hole floodlit lush green golf course, with maximum level of excitement and ever more challenge. Game for game, fun for fun and relaxation for relaxation. The golf course, which is spread right up to the horizon, with the perfect scene of tranquility, will not just provide you fun and frolic. It will in fact take you to a state of mental peace and relaxation. The stage setters; the lush green acres, the aesthetic environment, and the artistic
landscaping, which are not just playful pleasure and excitement, but also visually charming. Golfers will also have access to caddy cars of U.S. origin. Affiliated with International Golf Federation (IGF), Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF)
and Sindh Golf Association (SGA). Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi golf course is having natural contours which make it more attractful for the
golfers in improving their game. For the first time in South East Asia, Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi bring a golfer’s greatest dream to reality, by
lighting up the course with Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi state of the art floodlighting system. Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Karachi golfing members thus are able to enjoy the game at nighttime too. Floodlit golf course of 54 poles and 238 bulbs of 2 Kilo Watt to give perfect night golfing.
Can you beat that! And for the fast moving ones

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Cafe Aroma

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Glaxy Restaurant

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Saffron Restaurant

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Pool

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Ladies Pool

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Boating Lake

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Floating Soafa

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Slides

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Giant Slide

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Scuba Diving

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Badminton

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Tennis

Dream Worl Hotel & Resort Golf

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