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Region Europe Svalbard Longyearbyen
Spitsbergen Hotel Longyearbyen Svalbard
Hotel Type: 4 Star

Spitsbergen Hotel Longyearbyen Svalbard

Postboks 500 N- 9170 Svalbard/Longyearbyen


Spitsbergen Hotel - Svalbard´s historical hotel has a central location in Longyear Valley. It is situated on elevated ground, thereby allowing fine views across the valley, towards Advent Fjord and the impressive mountain, «Hiortfjellet».
With its 76 beds, this is an intimate hotel which has maintained its distinct atmosphere of history from the time it was the living quarters for clerical and administrative workers employed by Store Norske Spitsbergen Coal Company. The hotel has a comfortable and small library with a bar, a diningroom and two meeting-rooms. There is also a relax section offering Norwegian style sauna and a lounge for pure relaxation. Funken has Svalbard´s highest roomstandard with several suites and different historical rooms.

Spitsbergen Hotel Longyearbyen Svalbard - Accommodation
Spitsbergen Hotel has 150 beds and 88 rooms, of which 4 are suites. All rooms of a high standard with bathroom/WC, TV, radio, telephone and minibar.

Spitsbergen Hotel Longyearbyen Svalbard - Characteristics and Facilities

Spitsbergen Funken hotel on Svalbard is an excellent starting-point for those who will experience untouched nature and arctic wilderness! In cooperation with our touroperator department at Spitsbergen Travel AS , we arrange exciting activities both summer and winter. We can offer for example ski-, snowmobile-, weasel-, dogsledge-, or icegrottotrips in the winter. In the summer you can choose from guided hikes, fossilpicking and glacierwalks. We can also offer daytrips with boat to the Russian settlement Barentsburg, or to spectacular glacier fronts, or perhaps an adventurous day among drifting ice, seals and birds in zodiacs or kayaks. Througout the year, one of our local guides can show you one of the norternmost coalmines in the world, or take you on a cultural and historical visit in Longyearbyen. If you wish to combine your stay at Spitsbergen Funken hotel with overnight trips to other settlements, or spend some days out in the field, perhaps in combination with «Wilderness Camp Spitsbergen», we will be happy to arrange this for you.

At Spitsbergen Hotel you can enjoy our splendid and rich breakfastbuffet whilst overlooking the Longyear Valley, the town and the characteristic mountain «Hiortfjellet». The dining room is nicely furnished - here you can really feel that you are staying at the historical offiers's mess!

The meeting room at Spitsbergen Hotel has a capasity of up to 140 persons, 5 conference rooms and 3 smaller conference rooms. The room is equipped with an overheadprojector, silverscreen, flipover, white-board and a slidesprojector. Video/stereo rack upon request. If you need equipment which is not described here, we must ask you to let us know well in advance. We can also offer «Styrerommet» which is excellent for boardmeetings e.g., and it can take up to 12 people.

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