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It seems to us that the way aim is to discover other countries, look at a different life, but suddenly we find out that the main discovery is we ourselves. So we discover ourselves in travel. Also travel is always emotions: feelings slopping out, adrenaline impulse, delight coolness, freedom wind in ears. In short travel is a lifestyle!

Europe is pathetic, careless and unpredictable. It is created for walking round interrupted with a pint of “Guinness”, a big portion of hot grog, a glass of tart wine or a cup of coffee. Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria… Countries where you can feel the time absolutely differently. It lives in elegant streets of Vienna, at pave squares of Madrid, in ancient cathedrals and abbeys.

Followers of other travels will go to far exotic isles – Mauritius, the Maldives or the Seychelles. The world luxury etalon is Mauritius island. This resort is exquisite and dainteth. Its hotels are in the first lines of world ratings and are considered to be a pattern for elegance and true taste. But if Mauritius is hotels luxury etalon then the Seychelles is just the most beautiful place on the Earth. It is a paradise for followers of exuberant tropical nature, for hopeless romantics: a primeval world, delight of the sixth day of the creation, explosion of celestial inspiration embodied in the nature. The Maldives are created for diving followers. These are tiny isles, exactly those ones which we drew in our childhood: white sand and palms.

The Caribbean Isles differ from all other places in the world. You understand it at first view, as soon as you breath in its rich air smelling with flowers and sea wind. Barbados, Jamaica, the Bahamas… Here young people catch with windserfs' sails the wind “poniente”, play golf or hunt blue marlins.

Other resorts of the Antlatic have also attractive atmosphere, for example the famous Canary Islands. The nearness to Africa gives to the Canaries warm weather the whole year, and belonging to Spain – the gloss of European culture.

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