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Tips for Traveling Alone

Many people deign to try traveling by themselves, but going it alone can actually be one of the most rewarding travel experiences. Without the company of others, you’re free to see what you want, eat when you want, and sleep only if you want to. The timetable is yours alone, and there is the added freedom of meeting new people and the extra moments of introspection and self-examination, which would normally be filled up with conversation while traveling with companions, can be utterly life changing.

Tips for Traveling Alone

Here are a few tips for traveling solo to help you make the absolute most out of your independent trip.

Carry a diary. Document your trip through words, pictures, ticket stubs, and anything else you can collect. Write down what you’re feeling, when you’re feeling it. This can enhance your sense of place and help you remember the details later.

Ask others to take your picture. Don’t be afraid to approach a stranger and ask them to take your photo. The temptation is to simply snap a few face shots of yourself, but by asking someone else, you’ll get some nice full on pictures of your trip and maybe meet someone new!

Stay in hostels or Hotels. Traveling alone lends itself to hostel stays very nicely, or it depends all on your budget. With only yourself to suit, you can either get a simple dorm bed or splurge for a private room. Hostels have the added advantage of other travelers around, as well as amenities like breakfast, in case you don’t feel like venturing into public alone.

Don’t be shy. This goes along with the above tip, but don’t be afraid to talk to strangers in general. Especially in your hostel, you’ll find that people are friendly and, much of the time, have experienced or are themselves traveling alone. This is an amazing way to make lifelong friends from around the world, while picking up a few sightseeing companions along the way.

Take time for reflection. When traveling with others, it’s easy to fall into the trap of going from attraction to attraction, but when you’re on your own, there is plenty of time to stop and smell the roses. Carry your diary with you and write in when the mood strikes.

Try new things. There is never anytime better to try something new than when you’re traveling by yourself. Being on the go by yourself means that you’re able to expand your comfort zone and try on new and different versions of yourself. This is perhaps the most life-changing aspect of solo travel and one that you should embrace as much as possible.

Be flexible with your time. Don’t limit yourself to a rigid schedule. Allow room for change in case you should meet an interesting person or get offered an unusual chance to see something new!

Did I miss a something or do you have a tip from your own solo travels? Please share it with us in the comments!

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