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Tips To Have A Safe Travel To Pakistan

Pakistan is a wonderful hub of various religion, languages and culture but majority of them are Muslims. It is constructed with different set of people who varies from their attitude, color, language and culture. It is totally different from the western culture. These tips will be useful for the travelers who are going to visit Pakistan for the first time. Travelers will have some communication problem as most of the Pakistani cannot speaks English and few of them know English languages. Here are the general tips to have a safe travel to Pakistan.

  1. Visa is a mandatory document to enter into Pakistan. You may have advised by any travel agents who claim that the rules have changed and you do not require visa to travel to Pakistan. But they are wrong and may be fake travel planner who could try to snatch your money. VISA is required for your Pakistan trip.
  2. Always prefer star hotels or standard apartments and guest houses, when you visit Pakistan. Do not go for any ordinary hotel considering the cheap for your stay as they can cheat you and grab your money.
  3. Do not entertain beggars.
  4. It is always good to take travel insurance for theft, loss and medi claim. It is not only for Pakistan, It is applicable for all the places.
  5. In Pakistan you may not find sign boards in many places. Carry proper road maps of the places. You should be more careful, if you are traveling on your own. Do not get help from the taxi drivers, auto drivers or any people in the bus stand to find you a hotel. Get advice from the travel assistance. Preplan for your trip.
  6. Try to avoid walking in deserted places especially in odd hours.
  7. Get the encashment certificate while exchanging the money without fail.
  8. Keep your cash divided in different pockets or bags. Do not keep huge amount with you. Keep how much ever you want to spend.
  9. Always use licensed guides for your sightseeing.
  10. Do not entertain the habit of giving tips in the restaurants or in the hotel.
  11. Student travelers have special offers in the hotels and various places. Hence, bring your identity card or proof to enjoy the discounts.
  12. Do shopping at genuine shops and bargaining has become necessary in Pakistan
  13. If you want to offer any donation, you can get into the genuine trusts and trusted congregation. Do not believe on the road side poor stories and offer money as most of them are the fake and some cheaters will be enjoying your money.
  14. If you are getting the ayurvedic medicine, get the proper license to take it to your home town as you are answerable to the custom department.
  15. Bus and trains are the cheapest mode of transportation in Pakistan. You can prefer using these modes, if you have planned one month stay in Pakistan. But you have to reserve your seats by advance ticket booking in order to have a hassle free journey.
  16. Wash your hands before or after eating something. Do not eat in the restaurant where there is no crowd. It implies that the food may not be nice or may not be fresh.
  17. Always prefer to have vegetarian food while traveling as bad meat can make you sick. If you are craving to have meat food, then go for a better non veg restaurant.
  18. Always drink bottled and sealed mineral water. Even Pakistani are becoming sick drinking the tap water.
  19. Society and trends are completely different from the west. You can speak about politics publicly as they would avoid if you contradict and if you speak about the religion or have any confusion about religion of Islam,  always speak with some scholars for clearing your misconception.

Pakistan is a peaceful and beautiful country. Few years back there was a very big problem of Terrorism but the condition is much better  You can enjoy experiencing a different set of people who gives more important to their cultures and values. They are very much attached with each other and you can find people are being with their family. They stay as a family with their parents, brothers, sisters and children. It’s the bond that tie them unity. Consider the above tips and enjoy your trip in Pakistan.

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