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Turkish Diversity

Today we are going to talk about Eastern Anatolia and the part of the country, which borders the Black Sea.


The most eastern – not geographically, but by the spirit – part of the country. It's Anatolian plateau, stretching out under the scorching air of Asia Minor at a height of almost two miles above the sea level. Erzurum is one of the largest provinces of Turkey, which has left its mark on the mentality of the inhabitants of this region. They are rightfully proud of their land. To begin with, Erzurum is the cradle of Islamic Turkey. It was here where the Seljuk Turks first settled and later the Ottomans did the same before the conquest of Constantinople. They’ve settled permanently! Eastern Anatolia is literally filled up with mosques, caravanserais and fortresses. One of the oldest mosques was built in Erzurum in 12 (!) century. This is one of the oldest mosques of Turkey and the whole world.

Well, the second attraction of Erzurum, except for its remarkable architecture, is the nature of the region. Here are a few ski resorts and one of them, Palandöken, is the most beautiful in Europe. And its slopes, – according to experts – are the steepest and longest. Erzurum is also famous for such natural reserves as Tortum Lake (and its waterfall), a huge 13th century bridge, built by the Seljuks, and the fortress Oltu.

Aegean region

One of the ironies is that this is a country with and without sea at the same time… the sea is very small. The reason is simple. The coastline of Turkey is very ragged and uneven. Therefore, there are very few areas in Turkey with large sea area. One of them is the Aegean region. One of the most beautiful regions in Turkey, it is also very well developed industrially. It has a lot of factories of manufacturing, food, machine industry… This is not the only reason that makes this area attractive for tourists. It has a beautiful coastline, so many lovers of yachting often come here.


It is not just Turkey; it is a part of world history and culture! Many thousands of years ago here was born a man who defined with his art the whole world literature. Izmir is the birthplace of Homer! By the way, the story of this region does not start with Homer, these places were chosen by the ancient Hittites. After the Hittites Alexander of Macedon was delighted with its beautiful natural surroundings. He ordered to build a fort near the present Izmir (it is preserved till now!). There are many monuments of Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire. Today Izmir is one of the tourist capitals of the country (there are dozens of them in Turkey).

Marmara region

This area, adjacent to the Marmara Sea, consists of 11 provinces. The most famous in the world of tourism is Yalova region, but others also deserve travelers’ attention. The number of these provinces includes Istanbul! Yalova is known as an amazing source of hot mineral water, near which they’ve built luxurious Ottoman pavilions and palaces…

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