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Fez, The Real of Morocco

The visit to Morocco cannot be completed until you have paid visit to the historical city of Fez. Fez is actually the real Morocco as it possess nothing modern like other cities of Morocco. It is the only city of Morocco which has its strong roots to its rich history. It seems that time has stayed to historical era because of its residents and their love to their magnificent history. This city has the same old culture, same architecture and same old shopping places.

Fez had the only university of its time in the world in the north Africa during the medieval era. It was that time when only Fez university had its importance in the development of science and arts. There were no oxford and Cambridge at that time except missionary schools. This is the most important reason why Fez is still stick to the its magnificent history.

In Morocco, there are other places to visit like Rabat and Casablanca. These are the big cities as Rabat being the capital posses the best infrastructure and modern facilities and Casablanca is known for its economic and social importance. But Fez is the real Morocco with its old cultural history. Because of absence of a any big airport in Fez you can take flights to Rabat and then through train or car can go to the city of Fez. Fez is becoming the favorite tourist destination day by day so new hotels with all facilities are opened. But if you want to enjoy the real history of Fez you should prefer the traditional hotels with hospitality of the residents. This will also save your money.

Fez is mostly attracted by its old architecture and markets. There is no modern look in these places. Not only the architecture but also the residents of Fez follow their old tradition. Their dress show their love with their old culture and mostly wear a long robe with white or red cap. While in other modern cities of Morocco like Rabat, Marrakech and Casablanca people mostly wear western dresses.

Tradition loving people love to visit the historical city of Fez. You will find old history of Morocco and hospitable people. Your vacation in Morocco will be incomplete if you have not visited the magnificent city of Fez. This will really be a memorable tour if u will visit the Fez, the real of Morocco.

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