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Pakistan is also one of the most visited countries around the world. People from around the world come here for its unique culture, food, music and people who are very caring. It has some of the most attractive mountainous ranges and some of the highest mountain peaks around the world. The major cities of Pakistan which have all the latest amenities of life , with business centers, latest infrastructural facilities and modern lifestyles are Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Multan. The earlier inhabitants of Pakistan were stone age people. They were followed by the civilization of Indus Valley. This civilization flourished through 23rd to 18th centuries BC.

Tourism in Pakistan has attractions which range from the ancient civilization such as Mohenjodaro, Harrapa and Taxila to the Himalayan hill stations and people who are interested in field and wintor sports are mostly attracted to it. People who are adventurers and mountaineers from around the world are also attracted since Pakistan is home to several mountain peaks. These mountain peaks are over 7000m high. The northern parts of Pakistan have many old fortresses, towers and other architecture as well. The Hunza and Chitral valleys.

Alexander’s battle site is in Punjab which is on the Jhelum River. It is one of the most beautiful attractions as Tourism is Pakistan. Lahore is Pakistan’s cultural capital and it has a lot to show about Mughal Architecture. Well as tourist point of view the visited places in Lahore are the Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Gardens, Tomb of Jehangir and the Lahore Fort. Pakistani Culture is very diverse. What now is Pakistan, has been invaded by different people including Persian, Arabs to Eurasian groups. Pakistani culture is vey unique and moves around ethical and social values. Now due to globalization western culture is being adopted a lot in Pakistan. Pakistani food is another specialty of this country. Tourism in Pakistan, for food Lahore is the best place. Lahori people eat a lot, no limits. The tourism industry in Pakistan is still in a growing process. There are still many travel agencies which provide packages and arranged tours. Tours are very informative here. The packages include Trip to Pakistan and cultural tour of Pakistan. These Packages include tours to Multan, Harappa, Bahawalpur, sukkur, Mohenjo-Daro, Lahore, Karachi, and the capital city of Islamabad. These packages will help tourist understand the various dimensions of Pakistan. These dimensions include the landscape beauty, culture and food. There are some of the most famous hotels which provide the best living atmosphere; they make you feel at home.

These major cities of Pakistan have the very well known hotels around the world. Like holiday Inn, Pearl Continental Hotel and the Lahore country club. Karachi has one the most famous hotels like Sheraton hotel, Hotel Marriot. The Best western hotel in Islamabad is special for executive class and meets all needs of the businessmen. It has rooms with all the audio video amenities incase meetings are not disturbed.

Pakistan tourism is still in growing process and new travel agencies are still working on it.

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